NO,You Weren’t Born On a Cusp! STOP IT!

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I am seriously frustrated right now. Besides having this small blog, I am a large contributor to another site where I write metaphysical articles. I also answer questions on a site called, and this is the source of my annoyance.

I have answered people over and over that nobody is ever born on a cusp. There can be times when the Sun changed signs on the person’s birthday, but as long as they know the time of birth, the whole date, and the year MATTERS, they can look in a book called an Ephemeris to see what their Sun sign is. Or there are hundreds of online planetary tables and astrology sites, where a person can see every sign every one of their planets are in, and every house they are in. They may even do a cheap astrology chart for you, but it won’t be a really good one. Still, it is helpful for a person motivated enough to research a little bit and not expect everyone else to do their work for them.

I got a question from a guy who insisted I was wrong, and told me, “You just don’t understand us Cuspers!” I’ve been an astrologer for over 40 years, and I understand a Generation Z person who doesn’t want to be labeled, yet has 20 labels, and thinks they are always right. And doesn’t anyone read anymore? I get questions the person could have asked their computer.

There are simple reasons why we seem like the Zodiac sign next to ours. Think of what our Solar System looks like. Mercury and Venus are the closest planets to the Sun, right? Earth doesn’t get interpreted, as all the planets circle around it. OK, so I am a Cancer Sun sign. But my Mercury and Venus are in Gemini, so as a Cancer, I exhibit Gemini traits. I think like a Gemini, and love in a lighthearted way like a Gemini, even when very serious, I like love to be fun, so communication and a person’s intelligence are really important to me.

My husband was Taurus. But his Mercury was in Aries, and his Moon was also in Aries, so he did exhibit Aries traits. There truly is no such thing as being born on a cusp. Cusps exist, but are the imaginary lines which separate the 12 houses of astrology. I wish I could find the person who started this birthday myth!

Also, Zodiac signs don’t always change on the 21st of the month. It’s February 3, 2019, and the Sun is going into Pisces this year on February 18th. So sometimes, even to find out a Sun sign, a person needs the whole day, month, and year of birth, plus the time of birth.

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest! You are all the best!

What Is Horary Astrology?

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Horary astrology is when you cast a horoscope for an event, not a person. Let’s say, for instance, you have a job interview. You really want this job, and could use a few good hints about what to expect, how to act, or what topics the interviewer may focus on.

Instead of a birthday and time, use the date, time, and nearest city where the interview will take place, then continue to finish the chart the same way as usual. I have done many of these horary charts, and they help a lot

They can be used for a wedding date and time, a doctor’s appointment, or any event you care about. Just don’t drive yourself crazy casting them for every little issue!

What Is A Super Blood Wolf Moon?


A super blood wolf moon is made up of three astronomical factors:

  1. The Wolf Moon is the first Full Moon of the year.
  2. A Super Moon is a Full Moon that happens when the Moon is at it’s closest point in it’s orbit to the Earth. This makes the Moon appear larger than other Full Moons.
  3. A Blood Moon is just another name for a lunar eclipse, but the Moon appears red.

Find Your Tarot Life Path Card for 2019

Heroes Journey

Do you know how to find your Birth Path Card using the Rider-Waite Tarot? I’ll show you how, and then you will be able to figure out what card will most define the New Year of 2019 for you!

Let’s say a person was born on November 20, 1987. This is how to find their Birth Path Card, or Cards:

Birth Month         11    =         2

Birth Day             20    =         2

Birth Year           1987=  25=  7     Add the Birth Year Across First

This becomes Justice.        11

The number 11 is the Justice card in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. But we reduce the double digit numbers, and it also becomes 2, which represents the High Priestess. So as a Birth Path number, this person will have experiences with the law on occasion. The High Priestess will sometimes hide facts from them, but there will also be secrets about the person which will not always be easily revealed.

So how can we find the meaningful card (or cards) which will define 2019? The same way.

Birth Month     11  =              2

Birth Day         20  =              2

New Year      2019  =  11 =    2    You have to use the New Year here, not the Birth Year.

This is The Lovers               6

The number six corresponds with The Lovers Card, number 6 in the deck.  The card numbers are all illustrated on the lower left corner of the picture at the top of the post. The traditional meanings of that card or cards are just applied so we know what will be meaningful in the coming year. This can be the year the person finds new romance, or a new direction of the heart. The Angel Raphael appears on this card, so it concerns love on all levels will grow in 2019—spiritual, physical, and emotional.

This card is also about making choices for the highest good in your life. There will be many decisions to be made. If this person doesn’t find a new romance, a love for something new is going to open up in their life now. It’s all about learning the ways of the heart, and the desire for cooperation with others.

I wish you all love and light, good health, and happiness in 2019!

By Jean Bakula Posted in Tarot

What The Winter Solstice Means To Me

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The Winter Solstice, or Yule, begins around December 21st of each year. It is then we experience the shortest days and the longest night of the year. In cold climates, such as where I live, snow begins to cover the ground, and the air is very cold; forcing us to stay indoors in the warmth to keep out of the elements. It’s dark out when we awake in the morning, and already dark again by late afternoon.

We need more sleep at this time, because we don’t get all the vitamins that sunshine provides for us. We don’t have all the fresh fruit and veggies available like in the summer. So many of us are low on energy, and more susceptible to colds and flu. Since we stay inside more, we don’t exercise as much as in the warmer seasons.

Our lives become more isolated as we travel less. The quietness and darkness of the winter months cause us to become more introspective, speculating on what we may have done better in the previous year, or how it could have been handled differently.

Yet something deep and primal calls to us during this dark and somewhat dreary time. It forces us to be more introspective, to dig deeper into our selves, and listen to our inner voice. We can navigate through this dark time by meditating and trying to cultivate inner stillness, to pay attention to that inner voice and understand what it’s trying to tell us.

I like to review the past year, and consider whether I met the goals I wanted to achieve, or if I learned new things from whatever transpired during the prior year. It’s also a great time to make new goals for the coming year. We can make new commitments to change our lives for the better. It is common for people to make New Year’s Resolutions, although they don’t usually keep them! This is a great time for making wishes, for seeking new horizons, and to plant seeds of new ideas in our minds so we can grow as individuals. So make the most of it!

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What Is A Trinity In Astrology?

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Often people write me and ask me to interpret their astrology charts, and then give me the Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendants of themselves and the other person in the relationship. I can interpret this, but it is in no way anywhere near a complete astrological reading. The meaning of those three positions is called a person’s Trinity.

It’s a good place to start when I interpret a complete Natal Birth chart, but it’s only a very basic interpretation of what the person is like, and other factors can change it. I still have no real birth data, I can’t tell what aspects their planets make to each other, and have no idea what houses all their planets are in.

It appears that when I interpret this, people go away thinking they have a complete astrology chart. I just want to make it clear that a Trinity is a small portion of a whole astrology profile, even though it gives me a small idea of what the person is like. If I knew more, what I told them could change.

However, the meanings of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in the Trinity are equal. The Sun is the most important single factor in the horoscope. It shows how a person expresses their energy potential, and their creative drive to grow and develop as an individual. The Sun represents the stage of growth represented in this person’s current incarnation (Aries are the babies or new souls, Pisces are the old souls and most spiritual people). The Sun determines the expression of the will, manifested through the other planets in the horoscope.

The Moon indicates a person’s emotional responses to life’s situations. The Moon shows the kinds of attitudes instilled in a person during childhood. It shows how early experiences have shaped your outlook. The Moon determines how you are likely to respond to other people’s emotional responses. It shows how you will conduct your home life, your relationship with your Mother and other women, and the public at large.

Your Ascendant is the Mask or Facade you wear in public to protect yourself. We all do it. We don’t want to give too much of ourselves away until we get to know other people better. We always show the traits of the Rising sign, as it is also called. It is an equal part of the Trinity and a big part of who we are, or who we seem to be.

Compatibility Issues in Astrology

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Whenever I work with a client, whatever I am told is confidential. But every now and then, I see a trend with the same kind of questions.

Several times in the last few weeks, people have asked questions similar to this: I’ve been married for 10 years, am I compatible with my husband or wife? Then they give me either both of their Sun signs, which is practically worthless information to go on, or some of them give me their Trinity, which is comprised of the positions of their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Either way, its a far cry from a whole astrology chart. Yet some of them really think that’s what they are getting with info like that!

But the really disturbing part is that if they already married somebody, shouldn’t they already have figured out if they are compatible? I would guess they dated or knew this person for a decent amount of time before they got married. And if so, even if they are going through a rough patch, I don’t like to see people using Astrology as a scapegoat for bad judgement. After all, no matter what your Natal Birth Chart says, we always have Free Will.

So, why would you ask an astrologer if you were compatible with your spouse? This is a huge life decision to make. And if it’s already been made, would you change it because I told you there were a few challenging aspects in your charts? Plus, I can’t even do that because they don’t want charts done, they want to believe they are giving me enough information to answer this question (not). If I said OMG, you are an Aquarius married to a Scorpio, that’s bad, would they get divorced? It’s just a dumb question. And even knowing the Sun signs, all their planets are in a zodiac sign, one of twelve houses with several serious meanings about areas of their lives, and at least 15 important planetary aspects in the Natal Birth chart.

So I really have trouble understanding where people who ask something this serious, and give me so little information, are coming from. What do you think?


Reader Question About 10th House Planets

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I have Uranus, Jupiter, and Moon in Scorpio in 10th house. May I know how will they affect my life? 

Answer: I wanted to discuss a question from a reader regarding an interpretation of certain planets in their 10th house. So often readers ask astrology questions and think all that matters is their Sun sign, or what another planet means in a zodiac sign. They don’t understand how serious the house positions are. Each of the 12 houses have so many meanings. Often I can’t even answer their vague questions, especially one where they tell me of a few planets in zodiac signs, but NEVER tell me what HOUSE these planets are in. Here is a situation where the person at least gave me the house the planets were in, even if the question was not directly about career or public recognition, two important 10th house matters.

Uranus is the planet of change and chaos, although in this case Jupiter brings a beneficial and more stabilizing effect. Since the Moon is also involved, the person’s sense of security and emotional attitudes will be important as well.

Planets in the 10th house normally indicate an unusual or unexpected profession, as it’s the career house, and Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign of the nonconformist. You may do well in math, humanitarian projects, science, or electronics. You are innovative and will think of new techniques. You are strong willed and want to make a difference in your profession. Your status is ruled by this house too, so changes to that can be sudden due to Uranus. Whatever you do will put you in the public eye and you will attract attention. You may have many different jobs in your life.

Jupiter in the 10th house also means prominence and high standing in professions. You are ethical and professional in your business dealings. You are honest and reliable. Jupiter is lucky, so you will be respected, and may even seek political office. Normally Jupiter here is considered favorable. Higher education, law, philosophy,  or travel may be important to you, or your profession will entail much travel. You will be respected and trusted.

Having a Moon in the 10th house, you want to achieve a position of prominence, especially in Scorpio. Whatever you do will be approached with intensity, honesty, thoughtfulness and thoroughness. You are strong willed and independent, and will work very hard for what you want. You may be in a position of high standing, or have a family who can pull some strings for you.

Your Mother is likely to be a big influence in your life, and women will further your career. Also, Moon in Scorpio is sensual, so you can use your charm to your advantage here! You will have a strong emotional attachment to your profession, or professions, as you will probably change what you do more than once.

I would love to tell you more, but this is a tiny amount of information, and this is the best I can do without a whole Natal Birth Chart.


Is Astrology Fortune Telling?

gypsy fortune tellerModern astrology isn’t really considered fortune telling in the old fashioned sense of the word. When a person gets a horoscope cast, it’s called a Natal Birth Chart. Once this is drawn out, it shows all the positions of the planets in the heavens at the exact time and place of one’s birth. This is a map which includes the whole sky, or 360 degrees.

I like to think of astrology as a personality profile. Just as no astrology sign is good or bad, no aspect in astrology is good or bad. They all have potentials. But you are in control, not the stars. Once you have the horoscope, you can find your strengths and weaknesses, and work on them. But you always have free will, no matter how bad something looks in your chart.

I believe this is why so many people write me and ask me to “tell their fortunes”, as if astrology was merely a predictive or passive thing. It’s not. I can do transits by putting today’s planets on your Natal Birth Chart to see what’s happening in your life. But YOU still have to decide what to do about it all. What you see in your astrology chart is not predestination. You can change it anytime you want. So I would love to see more people look at it that way, and stop expecting predictions. It doesn’t work that way, and astrologers aren’t the Oracle of Delphi.

If you want to see what’s likely to happen in the next year, a tarot reading is probably more your cup of tea. You are still in the driver’s seat, and have to make decisions about your life. But you will get a clear picture of what to expect! If life is particularly exciting, I would suggest having a tarot reading two or three times a year. But unless your questions are about completely different topics, more readings than that would be counterproductive.

I Was Born On A Cusp!

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This is the biggest misconception in astrology. Repeat after me: NO PERSON IS BORN ON THE CUSP OF TWO ZODIAC SIGNS. NO PERSON IS BORN ON THE CUSP OF TWO ASTROLOGY SIGNS. Yes, it’s true. Your Sun can only be in one zodiac sign. There is no such thing as “being born on a cusp.” Cusps do exist, but they are imaginary lines which divide the 12 houses of astrology, having nothing at all to do with Sun signs.

So why do people believe this? Please enlighten me. I have books on astrology that are at least 50+ years old, and none of them have a section on “Sun signs on a cusp.” I have much older books, from the 1800’s, collector’s items really, and none of them mention this either. So if you did read this false information in a book, please write and tell me which one. I suspect you heard it from a “helpful” friend who knows nothing about astrology, yet believes they are experts in it. Or you have a need to feel more unique.

Part of this has to do with the fact that zodiac signs on the calendar DO NOT change on the 21st of one month and again on the 21st of the next. It really depends on what year it is. I know Cancers who were born on July 23rd, and Pisceans who were born on February 18th. You must know the year in order to determine what date the Sun actually changed signs.

I believe I know the reason why some people think they see dual traits in themselves. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign on your day of birth. Mercury is the closest to the Sun, and Venus is next to Mercury. Let’s say you are a Cancer Sun sign person. Mercury (ruler of how you think) can be in Cancer. But it’s also likely that it’s in Gemini, or even Leo. The same goes for Venus (ruler of social life, the kind of person who attracts you). So it can also be possible that both Mercury and Venus are in Gemini. So here we would have a Cancer person, who exhibits some Gemini traits.

There are many astrology sites available in our time, although some of them are not accurate. But many of them are adequate enough to have tables where you can easily look up what sign your Sun is really in. So I don’t understand why I get this same question about “My Sun Sign Is On A Cusp” about 20 times a week. Stop it. This is not possible. Be a little more intellectually curious if you are that interested in astrology and actually try looking up some information. There is a plethora of good, reliable sites. And if you really want to have a good understanding of yourself, you really need to have a whole Natal Astrology chart drawn up. But you can find quick info too, on the sites.