About Me

Jean HC Picture SMALLI began my interest in Astrology at 10 years old, and have been studying both that and Metaphysical topics ever since. I feel that my life’s quest is to be a Seeker, to answer questions about the meaning of life, to help not only myself, but also those who cross my path. I take bits and pieces of what I’ve learned about Astrology and the Tarot, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, and my beliefs in Karma and Reincarnation, to try to make sense out of life. I can utilize all of these disciplines to help both myself and you.

I have been a Professional Astrologer for 35+ years and a Professional Tarot Reader for 12+ years. I take courses at the New Jersey Metaphysical Center, to learn more about meditation, chakras, auras, ghosts, the mystery civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and more! I am clairsentient, meaning I can feel things which will happen, so this aids the intuitive and healing Tarot readings I give at The Healing Center in Bloomindale, NJ, where I continue to take courses. My most recent ones have been in Intuition and Clairvoyance, to deepen my meditations and clarify the meanings of my waking visions. I am also teaching a Beginner’s Tarot Class there.

I want to share some of this fascinating information with you, and to interact together to see what your views are. You may also order Astrology Horoscopes and Tarot Readings here, cast and interpreted by me, not computer generated, impersonal ones. If you browse over to the READINGS area, you will learn what information I need to read for you, and how to pay for your readings. Readings also make great gifts!

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