The Truth About Astrology

Astrology ThepsychiclinecomIt is disconcerting as an Astrologer to find that many people still think Astrology is only a matter of what sign your Sun was in on your Birthday. No wonder so many people think the study of the subject is nonsense. Astrology is so much more!

A true study of Astrology takes years of classes and workshops, hard work, and all of that costs money. Not to mention many books necessary for information. A good Astrologer has studied interpretation for years, through books, observation and study of the charts, and of the people described in those charts. Then people balk at the fact that an Astrologer has the “nerve” to charge $50.00-$100.00 to cast a horoscope!

Before Astrology charts were computerized, it took at least one hour to cast the horoscope itself, before any interpretation took place. It requires a book called a Dalton’s Table of Houses, a book of Time changes for the area of the world the person was born, the latitudes and longitudes of the birthplace, and an Ephemeris, the book which lists tables of planetary positions. There is a math formula which gives you what is called the Midheaven of the chart, and this is how you find the Ascendant, or Rising sign of the person. A person’s Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant or Rising Sign are the Trinity in Astrology.

Today many computer sites will sell someone a computerized horoscope with an interpretation in the above price ranges. I just used one myself to do an experiment. I entered all my correct birth data, and got a completely wrong horoscope. So the programs have not improved much at all. Since the basic chart was wrong, so were all the pages of interpretation.

A horoscope is a picture of the sky at the exact time of your birth. If you are serious about wanting a horoscope, you need the date, time, and location of your birth to begin. This may be difficult, especially when working with older people. In other generations, the Mother was often drugged during childbirth, and hospital records did not always include the birth time. Before that, childbirth occurred at home, so there was even less information. The memories of relatives are not always accurate. Time changes like daylight savings time need to be taken into consideration. You must know the time of birth within a two hour window in order to find a person’s Ascendant for a Natal chart. If you cannot get this information, a Solar chart can be drawn up, but will be much more general.

Your Sun sign is the way you really are, and you will have some traits of that sign. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign is the way you appear to people who do not know you well. We all wear a mask or façade in everyday life. The Moon sign is the inner you, the emotional and deepest part of you, known only by you and those closest to you. This is the Astrological Trinity, and it is a crucial component in Astrology. All three of these positions can be in different Astrology signs, and often are. Knowing only these three pieces of information can tell you the basics about a person.

But there is much more to it, my friends. Every other planet was in a sign at the time of your birth. That’s right. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all in different Astrology signs, all with different meanings. Each planet stands for certain things, Venus for love and social life, Mercury for how you think and process information, and so on.

An Astrological wheel is made up of twelve houses, each with many meanings. Each of those planets that are in a sign, are also in one of those 12 houses. So the interpreter is telling you what the celestial bodies mean in 12 Astrology signs with different meanings, and then taking that, and deciding what that planet and sign mean in a house. The most basic interpretation of the houses is this:

1. What you look like, physical body, obvious birthmarks or conditions, obvious personality
2. Attitudes about money and security, possessions
3. The way you communicate, relationships with siblings or people you see often
4. Your home life, family, end of life, property, relationship to Mother
5. Love, leisure activities, children, gambling, luck
6. Work (as opposed to a serious career), health, pets
7. Marriage or partnerships, relationships with others
8. Sex and death, money of the partner, inheritances
9. Higher learning, travel to foreign countries, philosophy, religion
10. Professional career, public persona, relationship with Father
11. Friendships, hopes and wishes
12. Secret sorrows, institutional stays

This all needs to be drawn out on a circle called a sidereal, split into 12 houses. Once you consult your Dalton’s table to establish which sign in on the Midheaven, or 10th house cusp, you will know the Ascendant. From the Midheaven, you can place the signs around the circle, and this will tell you which sign rules each of the twelve houses. Now that you know where the Astrology signs are on the houses, you can consult your Ephemeris, that book of tables of planets. Find the day of birth you are working with, and here is where you find which sign every planet was in on that day. You need to do a slight math calculation for the Moon sign. Add in the Moon’s nodes. You have completed a chart!

Once you have something to look at, you need to find the aspects. This is the distance that the planets are apart from each other. Planets very close to each other are called conjunctions, only a few degrees apart, intensifying the energies of those planets. Sextiles are 60 degrees apart, or are a fire and air combination, or an earth and water combination. They create situations that are fairly easy to deal with. Trines are 90 degrees apart, fire to fire, air to air, water to water, earth to earth. Trines are lucky and are parts of life that go easily for you. Squares are 90 degrees apart, and create challenges. Although they are difficult, very creative and positive outcomes can come from them. Oppositions are 180 degrees apart, or in signs opposite each other. They are challenging, but not very difficult. There are other aspects, but these are the major ones.

This is how a horoscope is created, and I didn’t even begin to interpret anything yet. Is it any wonder an Astrologer wants to pull their hair out when they hear uninformed people discussing how “silly” it is to pay attention to Astrology, since it’s only where your Sun was on your birthday? So the next time you hear someone acting dismissive about an Astrologer, at least you know what Astrology actually is. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!


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