What Astrology Can’t Tell You

AstrologySince I’ve been an Astrologer for almost 40 years now, I thought I had heard everything. But when you cast a horoscope and interpret it for a client, it’s amazing what they think this can accomplish.

Now a horoscope can tell a person many things about their lives, among them their strengths and weaknesses, when they may make the most of them, or fall prey to their worst flaws. It can predict good times in your life, career options, divorces, family relationships, and artistic potentials. But even I do not expect miracles. Lately I’ve had people ask me to predict every tiny course change their lives would take.

A very important piece of information is this: you always have free will in your life. No matter what the situation is, you choose how you react to it. If your life seems to be falling apart, if you are destitute, if you are in danger, if you are depressed, you can seek help from a professional. And if things are that bad, the professional you seek should not be an Astrologer. It should be a Doctor, a Therapist, or even the Police. An Astrologer is not licensed to give medical advice, cannot protect you from harmful people, and is not your Psychotherapist.

I love Astrology, and began casting horoscopes for friends and family as soon as I began the basics in a course my then boyfriend and I took together at night school when we were about 21. I am fortunate that he shared my love of metaphysical subjects. But even many years ago, we had friends who thought that because we cast horoscopes for them, this gave them the right to call us every week for an update. Now, many years later, I am still practicing Astrology the old fashioned way, not with computerized charts. It takes at least one hour to do the math to get the horoscope. I do it with a five step formula, but my husband loved math, so he did all the algorithms. We usually got the same results, but if a planetary position was very close, I bowed to his judgment. It can take anywhere from five to ten hours to do a basic interpretation of this horoscope. So when it’s completed, and then a friend wants a weekly update, that entails placing all the planets on the birth chart that has been done, but in the positions they are in that day. It’s a lot of work. We are not computers, and this is very time consuming. We have lives, and thus other commitments.

I have been getting many requests for horoscopes, and have been deeply moved by the reactions I get from people who read my work since I’ve been a writer on Hubpages.com. You have all been great, and if you did ask questions, I was happy to answer. I wrote most of the articles to teach people how to learn Astrology on their own, because I know how many rip off artists there are in the field. Many of you are quickly learning on your own with a few pointers from me, and I’m proud of that.

A few days ago, a young woman wrote to me to see if I could do a compatibility horoscope for her and another person, apparently a young man. I said yes. She continued to email me at least ten times, asking all kinds of questions. I answered as well as I could, outlining what I could tell her based on a horoscope. It seemed we were ready to proceed with the transaction. As soon as I told her the price and to place the money in my Pay pal account, all of a sudden she balked quite a bit. I then learned that:

  1. She was asking me to do two horoscopes based on a guy she was crushing on! They never
    had a date or any interactions at all, except they “flirted” a little at work. But she asked if
    they would possibly be compatible in marriage and what their sex life would be like!
  2. She was shocked that I expected to be paid for my work!

She tied up my time for about two hours worth of emails, for what was not even a relationship, but a young girl’s fantasy that some guy she was day dreaming about was going to change her life. Whatever happened to the Women’s Liberation Movement? Why are so many young women in the 21st century still thinking some Knight in Shining Armor is going to dash into their lives and make everything wonderful? I can’t even believe some of the stuff I’m reading in the emails I get.

Many of these women are in their mid-twenties. Why aren’t they working, or going to college, or both? Why don’t they understand that they may very possibly need to depend on themselves for support or to achieve their goals? I was married when I was 24, and bought my first house at 27. My boyfriend was a real person, we were together for five years, and we were married for 34 years. We worked, went to college, took care of each other when we were sick, and took care of and supported our parents when they got older. We faced the deaths of people we dearly loved. We have a son together. It’s called reality. I didn’t dream him up because I had no future goals for my life.

Did we cast horoscopes before we married? Of course we did. We did what are called Progressed charts, and suffice it to say the year and day we married, Venus, planet of love, was conjunct both our Suns. I won’t bother to explain that to a layperson, but it’s important in a love match. We even set up the wedding date with our class, because being the only couple in it, everyone wanted a happy ending for us, and they wanted to help. We married on a day the Moon was in Cancer, and family was always a big part of our life. Being a Taurus (him) and Cancer (me), and both the oldest siblings in our families, we were always the ones who took care of our parents, and spent much of our time helping family members in various ways I don’t need to discuss here.

But I am surprised and puzzled by many emails like I described here. I read Tarot too, but I don’t bring out the cards and do a reading to decide what to cook for dinner. I save these means for important decisions. I consult them. But I don’t always do what they say. Normally a Tarot reading or planetary positions will tell me if what I am planning will be good for me or not. But I use my intelligence and common sense as well. This is why one says “for entertainment purposes only,” in case someone takes the advice too far and turns around and blames the reader.

So I worry that while offering readings on my blog, are people going to throw logic out the window over an Astrology chart? I have seen many readings and interpretations of horoscopes I’ve done come true. And I hope I see many more good things. I just feel surprised that many seem to think getting a reading or horoscope is an easy out, so they don’t have to make an informed decision about something really important, like their life.

So I don’t mean to rant here, but I want to be clear to those who expect too much out of a horoscope. You are in the driver’s seat, it’s your life, you have to make the choices, and you have to take the responsibility for your actions. All a reader can do is work as a guide, to help you see latent talents or good planetary times to act on certain things. That’s the bottom line. It’s not magic. And it’s not free. It takes hours of time and hard work. So if you are offered Tarot or Astrology services, demands on time need to be respected and there will be boundaries. This is true even for computer generated charts, because time is still involved, not to mention, paper, expensive ink, and even then the Astrologer will read a printout and make personal comments. A computer horoscope is about ¾ of Astrology jargon that won’t mean much to the lay person. The other ¼ of the information is what the purchaser wants, the good stuff about their own life.

So since my goal for writing about Astrology has been to take a role as teacher, so you can do it yourself, I want to clarify a few points for you. Sadly, everybody wants something for nothing, but that isn’t how life works. I want you to be careful that you aren’t fooled by websites that promise a complete horoscope for $25.00. They will give you just that ¼ of the information you wanted, and keep you coming back and paying more. Be careful. I use http://www.cafeastrology.com so I can look up planetary positions, and for just that, the site is acceptable. I sat with a stack of horoscopes one day, and checked to see if the right data came out. It did, for the position of one planet on a certain day of the year. But then I put in all my birth data, as if I were ordering a complete horoscope. Most of it was wrong! So if I went through with it, I would have received about 10 pages of incorrect information that had all the wrong planets. My Rising sign and Moon sign were even wrong. So please don’t be fooled.

No site can work on a horoscope without your day, month, and year of birth. You must know the time of birth for at least a two hour window, or it’s impossible to know an Ascendant or Rising Sign. It’s necessary to know the city and state of your birth, or the city and country, and if the cities are small, the largest one closest your birthplace. Time corrections must be changed. Astrology uses Greenwich Mean Time in London, England, and depending on your location, your area may be using Daylight Savings Time or some other time system. All of these factors matter, and if you aren’t asked them, walk away from the transaction.

Well, I’m through with my ramblings, but I want to see you all avoid the pitfalls. I don’t mind answering a question that comes from any article I’ve written here, or on any other site, many of you know that. I feel that even though I’ve written so much here, people still are in danger of being misled. Hey, I’m a Sun sign Cancer, I want to take care of everyone, and don’t want to see anyone getting taken advantage of. I want you to be armed with the truth.


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