Tarot Tips and Ethics

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Some people have trouble shuffling a Tarot Deck, because of the odd sizes of the cards. It takes some practice. The deck is usually a little slippery when it’s new, so that helps. It can be done in any way which is comfortable for the person. You can put them on the table or floor, and mix them around like you do when you play “Go Fish” if you want. I find that it’s easiest to hold them very loosely, longways, and just keep shuffling until you feel they are ready. Then split the deck into 3 piles. Put the 3 piles back into one pile, in any order that you or the person wants, and you’re ready to go.

It is very important to make sure the cards are well shuffled between readings. If you do two readings in a row, and a few of the same cards come up, you know the deck wasn’t shuffled enough, so mix it up again. I often have to hand the deck back for more shuffling. It just goes with the territory. Sometimes I shuffle them for awhile to get them mixed better, and hand them back to the person to finish up and get their vibrations back in them.

How should you store your cards? It keeps them safer if you put them in a wooden or other type of box. Many people like to wrap them in a piece of silk. This helps to protect them, and to create a sacred place for them. You need to clear your deck every now and then. You can put the deck in a sunny window, put some crystals on them, or quickly review each card if you want (that helps in the beginning, when you are just learning). You may make up your own clearing system.

Try not to let too many people handle your deck, or keep one just for your own important readings. You don’t want to have to keep clearing it all the time, or get too many vibrations from others in them. As you go on, you will find you will get more than one deck anyway. Some readings only use Major Arcana or other combinations of cards, so I like to keep one split up with just the Majors.

Garbage Readings

There really is such a thing. If you or your querent (person asking the question) gets a bunch of cards that makes absolutely no sense at all, it’s a garbage reading. Maybe the person had something else on their mind, or had a different question in the back of their mind. Just in case, check to see if maybe the spread does answer another question going on in the person’s life. Otherwise, ask them to concentrate, and shuffle again.

Tarot Ethics

If you are going to be reading for people, you have to take some time to decide what your ethics or standards will be as you read for others. Everyone will have their own guidelines. Here are a few of mine:

  1. I don’t usually read for anyone under 16, unless they grew up in a household where they heard a lot about Tarot, Astrology or other Metaphysical subjects. I always ask if the person has had a Tarot reading before.
  2. It’s important that the querent understand that they always have FREE WILL. If they get a reading about the future and they don’t like what they see, they have the power to do something about it. They may be able to avoid certain problems, since they are being forewarned.
  3. Never predict death. We know the card can mean any transition that has been thrust upon us. If your querent has a loved one in a hospice, or hospital, and knows for sure the loved one has very limited time on the Earth plane, take your cue from them if they seem like they want to talk about it
  4.  Young people always want somebody to love them, and sometimes have somebody really interested in them , but the other person has no intention of settling down yet. These are my least favorite readings. Try to steer the person away from whomever they are trying to make their whole life about, and discuss possible career options, talents you can see that can be developed, future travel, etc. Help your querent to see there are other options in  life besides making it all about another person.
  5. Anything the person tells you or you tell them should be confidential. Never gossip about a reading you gave anybody.
  6. I sometimes read at friend’s parties, but when people are drinking, you need to be careful. I usually find if it’s a couple and one of them wants a reading, the other one always seems to think he/she is cheating or thinking of leaving him/her. They will try to say nasty things about the Tarot and disparage it, say it’s all BS; yet want to listen in. You don’t have to read for anyone. Or you can read for one of them, but not allow the other one in the room. Better yet, tell them to work it out for themselves. You don’t want to get in the middle.
  7. You shouldn’t give out health info unless it’s very general, you aren’t a Doctor. The Star or the Ace of Cups are good health cards, and a safe prediction. The Ten of Swords or Nine of Wands, Four of Swords or Two of Pentacles can show people who should rest, or they may get sick. That’s OK too. Once I had a man who was thinking of getting a 2nd knee replacement, and he kept getting The Hanged Man. Normally I wouldn’t have answered, but this card pictures a man with his knee bent, and I decided a 2nd surgery wouldn’t change anything.
  8. I have one woman who is trying to change her citizenship from one corrupt government to another, and she keeps contacting me on my blog. I finally had to tell her that I’m not an Immigrations Lawyer, or equipped to answer such a question.
  9. You always want to tell the truth, yet you don’t want to scare anyone or sugarcoat it too much either. It helps here if it’s someone you know, but if you don’t, balance is the key.
  10. Some people will sit with a stone face the whole time, and make you feel like everything you say is wrong. Then when you are done, they will tell you how amazing you are. You never know.
  11. Basically you are being a conduit between Spirit and this person. You want to send them away feeling more uplifted than they were before their reading. You also want to make them feel empowered, so be sure to point out some strengths you see in the reading. I’m sure as you go along, you will develop your own code; I just wanted to give you some ideas.
  12. You are all very intuitive, and even when you know all the card meanings, may see a reading and immediately know exactly what it means. Go with your gut, just like anything in life, sometimes you have to throw the book away!
By Jean Bakula Posted in Tarot

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