What’s Hot in Astrology and Tarot?

I’ve had some trouble deciding what exactly I want this blog to be. At first I posted articles I wrote about Astrology and the Tarot, two of my loves.

But I don’t get much interaction with others by writing long articles. Since I am a Sun Sign Cancer, I was thinking of making this more into a Moon sign or Moon blog, because our Moon affects our lives and loves so much. Or I can discuss any aspects of an Astrology chart of yours or a loved one or friend here and we can share info. We could even discuss one chart and gather a lot of opinions about it. It’s how I learned my craft.

So I am deciding what to do. I still cast Astrology charts and interpret them, and love to do Tarot readings. But if you think of any metaphysical questions or topics you aren’t reading about anywhere else, I’d like to cover them here.

So don’t be shy. Let me know your thoughts and ideas.

By Jean Bakula Posted in Tarot

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