Soulvivor A New Healing Center in Flemington, New Jersey

Frank making sacred spaceFrank Sheryl's biz partner Healer, artistFrank Mancini Shaman

A friend of mine has opened a Healing center in Flemington, NJ, along with his cousin. Frank Mancini is a Shaman, who gives great healing sessions. He is clairvoyant and uses reiki and other healing methods to help you get through difficult life problems. In the picture on the top left, he is busy creating a sacred space in order to comfort his next client.

His cousin, Sheryl, is a life coach, guided by Nature. She offers healing meditations, and moving meditations, where she takes you out on a bike ride to get in touch with your inner being. Sheryl also helps you to find inspiration in art. To find out more, visit them on their site


Who is Your Soul Mate?

This may be one of the questions I most often get asked. Let’s face it, everyone is looking for love, and we all want to find soul mates. But many have misconceptions about what a soul mate really is.


We are all born into “soul groups” meaning that we reincarnate with people we have lived with in other lives before. We may not have been lovers. We could have been brothers or sisters, parents or friends of that person. But sooner or later, you will be in a love relationship with your soul mate. How will you know who it is? You just will. You will feel a little “ping” and probably get along so well, it will be obvious you were together before. Normally advanced astrology students learn that we plan our next lifetimes in between incarnations, and decide on a signal so we will be able to recognize each other. We won’t look the same, but do have the same strong personality traits.

Now, the thing that confuses people is that they think just because this person is their soul mate, the going will always be easy and the road will always be strewn with roses. That’s not the case. This person is in your life to make you grow in different ways, so you can be the best you that you are capable of being. And that can be hard. It’s like looking in a mirror and not always liking what you see very much. It can be a very challenging relationship, and you will reincarnate together in more than one lifetime. You will know it’s the “The One” because you will feel such a strong urge to be with this person, and to a certain degree, like they complete you.

This relationship may not last forever. My boyfriend/husband of 39 years and I knew we had something special the night we met. But we were young, and not in a hurry to settle down. We had many great years together, and so many beautiful experiences, people always said we were the perfect couple, though we knew we were far from that. He passed on suddenly last January, at only 58, the same age as I am. It was completely unexpected, but had he lived, he was losing his job, and our life would have gone in a totally different direction, and he had no desire to start over again, even though I know how much he loved me. Not many people get to be loved for 39 years, and I tell myself that on the days that seem much too hard to bear. Plus we have a wonderful son, and were truly blessed. We sometimes hurt each other’s feelings, and in Astrology, our Moons and Venus positions were squared. So don’t believe that nonsense that all your “symmetry” is in synch and all the garbage you read on other Astrology sites. You were meant to work out your differences, even with the love of your life. Or lives if you have a real lot to work out.

One problem is that in our times, people bail on relationships over very simple problems. Remember those wedding vows, where you promise to stay together in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, to honor, love and cherish each other? Well, when life sucks, that’s not so easy to do. So you have to tough it out and not wimp out as soon as there is a bump in the road. Over the years, you will both get sick, people you love will die, you may have children, you may have money problems, you may have to take care of your parents, the list is endless. Get used to it. Soul mates have to, or they will be doomed to keep repeating these lessons until they get it right.

And how can you do that that? With love. Love can overcome any obstacle. A friend of mine who is a clairvoyant is giving me messages from my beloved husband, and they are so accurate, sometimes I must laugh. She never met him, so I know she’s telling the truth. He told me, through her, that love is stronger than death. That he always loved me, and that he always would. To spend the money (he was talking about his life insurance and investments). He says he wants me to go on with my life now, and that he is still with me. I feel his presence. So does our son.

He taught me to be less critical. He helped me learn to love the woods, as I was a city girl. We both pushed each other to do things together we never would have done apart. He took care of me when I was often bedridden with a chronic back issue, and never noticed the huge scars I have on my back from surgeries when I was a child until we had been together for a long time. I always encouraged him when he wasn’t sure of himself. He was impulsive, and I taught him to slow down. I convinced him our marriage was so good it would be a shame not to have a child as a symbol of our love and commitment. I tried my best to help him towards the end of his life when he didn’t care about his life or health anymore, though he wouldn’t listen. I forgive him for leaving me, because for whatever his reasons, I know it got too hard for him to go on in this life anymore. Apparently he finished whatever he came into this incarnation to accomplish, and I still have things I need to do and to learn.

I know we will be together again too. He left so fast, we still have unfinished business. So maybe that will help you understand a little better what a soul mate really is.