Soulvivor A New Healing Center in Flemington, New Jersey

Frank making sacred spaceFrank Sheryl's biz partner Healer, artistFrank Mancini Shaman

A friend of mine has opened a Healing center in Flemington, NJ, along with his cousin. Frank Mancini is a Shaman, who gives great healing sessions. He is clairvoyant and uses reiki and other healing methods to help you get through difficult life problems. In the picture on the top left, he is busy creating a sacred space in order to comfort his next client.

His cousin, Sheryl, is a life coach, guided by Nature. She offers healing meditations, and moving meditations, where she takes you out on a bike ride to get in touch with your inner being. Sheryl also helps you to find inspiration in art. To find out more, visit them on their site