About Readings


I know that sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of reading to order. Lately I have been flooded with people who are looking on websites to see what signs all their planets and Moon are in, and then they send me that list, thinking I can cast a horoscope with that information. I can’t. There are time zone changes, I need the latitude and longitude of the city where you were born, the birth time, and the sites do not always make these calculations correctly. I’ve had lists where every planet was in a different sign when I looked it up in my Ephemeris. That is a book of planetary tables, usually written to cover a 50 year period. Plus you need other math calculations to add to the Moon, so their Moon sign is often wrong. So I respectfully ask that you stop doing this. If you want a reading, I tell you what I need on the Readings page.

If you find yourself in a new situation and want to know a bit more about it, I would suggest that you begin with a Tarot Reading. It’s faster, and a bargain at $35.00 ($45.00 with Motherpeace).. It can give you a general direction where your life is going in the next few months. Never forget that you have Free Will, and can change your direction if you do not like where the reading seems to be heading. That is also true with Astrology. Tarot readings are very accurate and detailed, and you will get specific information from them. If I feel the first answers we get are not complete or don’t answer the questions, I will keep reading until I am satisfied for no further charge.

If you want to know your life’s purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, careers which would suit you, and how your relationships will be, then an Astrology chart is the way to go. A horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time you were born. Let’s say you were born in 1987, and are 30 yrs. old. I can take that Natal Birth Chart, then place the planets where they are today on that same chart. That will tell you the important things happening in your life now, called Transits.

I am always hesitant to compare horoscopes for someone in love, because I feel you should be seeing that person long enough to get to know them well before you take that step. It is $100.00 per chart, $175.00 if I cast 2 of them for you, and compare them to see how compatible you would be together. There is also something called a Composite chart, a combination of two people’s charts, and it represents the third entity, your relationship. I read mine and my late husband’s, and was amazed at how accurate it was 39 years ago. So I would recommend the composite chart, the chart of your “relationship”, as if it were a person, if I were to go that route, for $125.00. People also ask, “Will I be happy forever?” That is a promise I just cannot make to anyone.

I am happy to cast horoscopes for you. I just feel it’s a waste of time until you are a little further along in the relationship. One woman went back and forth with me for days, asking all kinds of questions, which I answered for free. She wanted to know how her sex life would be with a guy. It turned out she never even went out with this person yet!

Now I could have made money on this, but it’s not my style. I do not want to encourage someone in a situation that is really not a relationship yet. So I want to be honest with you, and hope that you will do the same for me. Do not lie to yourself and pretend there is a relationship when there is not. Try the Tarot Reading.

I came of age during the first Feminist movement, (one reason I love the Motherpeace Tarot) and find it scary that young women are not looking for career advice, or planning for the future, perhaps living somewhere far from home, or going to college. Many of them seem willing to think they will meet a Prince in shining armor,  and that’s going to be their life, even when it’s obvious to me after one or two emails that this guy isn’t serious, and she is betting all her hopes on him. You cannot ever look for your own happiness to come from another person. You must find that within yourself. And to do that you need to do inner work. I will not humor you about relationships that exist only in your mind. I do not want to be mean, but I am realistic, and you need to be realistic about your life too. So keep that in mind, and as long as we ask honest questions, I am happy to cast horoscopes for you!

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