Should I get a Tarot or Astrology Reading?

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of reading to order. Lately I have been flooded with people who are looking on websites to see what signs all their planets, Moon, and Asteroids are in, and then they send me that list, thinking I can cast a horoscope with that information. I can’t. Many of these sites are bogus. This is what I need:

Your name and email address

The month, day, year and TIME of Birth. I can’t get an Ascendant without a time. A site  gives a listing by state that can help you obtain a copy of your birth certificate if you don’t have one. This works only in the U.S. Otherwise try the hospital where you were born. I also need the city or town where you were born, and the state or country. If it’s a small town, please give me the closest large city.

I charge $100.00 to cast and interpret an Astrology chart, and depending on the deck, $35.00 or $45.00 for a thorough Tarot reading. I take payment through

If you find yourself in a new situation and want to know a bit more about it, I would suggest that you begin with a Tarot Reading. This is appropriate if you meet someone new and begin to date, or want to know what the year ahead holds for you. It’s faster, and more appropriate than an Astrology chart for a few clues about a new venture or romance.. It can give you a general direction where your life is going in the next year.

Never forget that you have Free Will, and can change your direction if you do not like where the reading seems to be heading.  Tarot readings are very accurate and detailed, and you will get specific information from them. If I feel the first answers we get are not complete or don’t answer the questions, I will do another reading and sometimes do two anyway for more information. I send you a picture of the reading and write out the interpretation so you don’t forget.

If you want to know your life’s purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, careers which would suit you, and how your relationships will be, then an Astrology chart is the way to go. I never considered Astrology as fortune telling! What a complete chart tells is a sort of personality profile, with information regarding your life path and how you feel about major areas of life. When you have challenges in life (who doesn’t)? your chart always shows me about your coping skills, ways to better yourself as a person, and possible areas of expertise.

A horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time you were born. My interpretation is around 15-20 pages and I spend 10-12 hours on you! I’ve always sought refuge in reading books, and some clients actually COMPLAIN that I give them too much to read! Who doesn’t like to read good stuff about themselves? Some Astrologers will cast your chart, but won’t GIVE it to you, so they keep you coming back and paying. I give you the horoscope with my blessings, because you may run into another Astrologer one day, and will already have the Natal chart, so you won’t have to pay for a new one!

I am always hesitant to compare horoscopes for those in love, because I feel you should be seeing that person long enough to get to know them well before you take that step. Something called “synergy charts” are very popular for people in love.  I find them to be BS. Supposedly the sites claim that by comparing two lovers charts, they can predict if they will always be happy. This is a promise I just can’t make for anyone. I was married for 34 yrs. and dated my late husband for 5 years, and a comparison of our charts didn’t look as if we would make it for a year! It was a beautiful relationship, and he was the love of my life.

The only chart I am aware of that is useful for lovers is a composite chart. But I don’t offer them because I simply can’t right now, it’s too much work. But what a composite does is add birth data for two people together, and gives a third chart, so you see your relationship as a complete and separate entity. I have only done one in my life, and am still looking for the math because it was a few years after I met the man who was my husband, and can’t recall  how to do it. I’ve searched the internet, and am not finding any information yet. But I am trying.

I am happy to cast horoscopes for you. I just feel they are most useful for couples who have been together for a year or more and know each other well enough to ask intelligent questions about each other. One woman went back and forth with me for days, asking all kinds of questions, which I answered. She wanted to know how her sex life would be with a guy. It turned out that she had a crush on him, and never even went out with him once! So that’s a waste for both of us.

I do not want to encourage someone in a situation that is really not a relationship yet. A Tarot reading would be the way to go if you like someone and want to see if it can go anywhere. So I want to be honest with you, and hope that you will do the same for me. Do not lie to yourself and pretend there is a relationship when there is not. Try the Tarot Reading. That is more of a fortune telling device, but also an accurate description of where a new venture may lead you. Plus forewarned is forearmed, and if you don’t like the reading, you have Free Will and can change direction. It’s really better to go that way if you met someone who seems special and you want to know if it can go anywhere if you continue to see each other.

I came of age during the Feminist movement of the 1970’s in the U.S. So sometimes it upsets me when I see women not asking about career advice or natural talents, dreams or plans, to see if they will succeed. Many still think a Prince in Shining Armor is going to sweep them off their feet and that will make a complete life. I had a love like that, but I worked, traveled, and had many other great life experiences too. Some were with him, and some were not. You should aim for that. You will never find happiness through another person. You have to find that from within.

I only say this because I’ve had people of both sexes write to me over and over again, to do numerous Tarot readings, all about someone they dated for a few weeks who left. My philosophy is that if somebody leaves you once, they will always leave when the going gets tough. People write me about situations where the partner openly cheats, has thrown her/him out of the house, or abused them, and they just get more desperate and ask me for astrology charts for both of them. By then this is a lost cause. Or they want Tarot readings over and over, even though they all show it’s a negative situation. Once somebody is gone, we can’t even get birth data. It’s so sad to see people with their whole lives ahead, hanging on for dear life to a someone who obviously is not interested in them..And I used to think these people were young lovers, but sadly, some of them are in their 40’s or older!

I love the round, Motherpeace Tarot. It’s art and interpretations were all written from an emotional point of view. It’s compassionate and I can give a hopeful reading to someone with a broken heart or anyone embarking on a new romance. It’s a lovely and heart centered reading appropriate for men too. It’s fine for any questions, not only romantic ones. I prefer the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but also offer Motherpeace readings for $45.00, slightly more than the RWS ones, which are $35.00. Both can offer much information for you. I don’t need anything from you for Tarot readings, except your questions and payment!

Are you ready for your reading? Just contact me with your information, make your payment at , and let’s get started!


10 comments on “Should I get a Tarot or Astrology Reading?

  1. Am wanting to know information regarding relationships, family, professional career and artistic ambitions. I am depositing $35 through paypal now.


  2. Jean I applaud you for all of the hard work you have done to share the Divine Motherpeace Tarot with the world. I adore your site and use it occasionally when I am traveling and have not taken my handbook along. I am requesting a reading and will send you my questions/concerns via email to the address above. I will also use my Paypal account to make a payment to you.
    Gratefully Maria @


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Maria! I originally wrote that Motherpeace series for a group site, At the time, many told me the piece would bomb, because it was so long. But for 5 years now it’s been my highest rated series! Now is branching off into niche sites, and the money got better, so I am making money on articles I wrote years ago. It appears many people didn’t know about Motherpeace Tarot. Although Astrology was my first love, I began getting interested in the Tarot about 15 yrs. ago. I would be happy to read for you. I begin with the Celtic Cross, but since I’ve been reading online, love having the time to do a few more little readings to get more clarification for my clients. I also read out of a business, but don’t like having to use a timer and be rushed. I began this blog mostly to be a landing site for people who want readings, since my work has been picking up by word of mouth. I love to write, but have been contributing to other blogs instead of working on this one. I am not that tech savvy! Take care. Jean


  3. Jean please see my email sent to you today. Need the link once again to send you payment. I am requested a reading that is time sensitive as I must reserve my space. There are other conditions that need taken care of asap as well.
    Gratefully,…………Maria Francesca


  4. Maria, it’s 5PM EST and I have your answers. Read your email. Good luck and I feel good about the readings. Merry Christmas and bright blessings in the New Year! Slow down, whirling dervish!


  5. Hey Jean, I wrote to you on, I wanted to say thank you for your feedback and let you know that I am browsing your site also.

    Thanks again, Ashlynn


  6. Hello Ms. Motherpeace Guru. It is Maria Francesca here. I need a reading. Will email you my questions and send payment via Paypal. I trust you are well. We have not communicated in a while. Sending Angel Blessings. Maria Francesca


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