Tarot Readings

tarot reading**I will be on a spiritual retreat until the middle of April 2017. If you need a Tarot Reading or an Astrology chart, please leave your name and email address, and the date, so I can get to you in the right order when I return. Thank you for your continued interest, and Best Wishes.**

I offer Tarot readings starting at $35.00. I need you to formulate a clear question, tell me a little about your situation (although you do not have to, the reading will tell), and email it to me at moongene @ (or use the contact form below).  I can also do a Birth Path Tarot Reading, just by knowing your day, month and year of birth, and it will tell you the main issues that will follow you through your life. I also offer Readings that tell you what Karmic Lessons you need to be working on now. You may deposit your $35.00 fee in my Paypal account, under SEND, and then type in my name, Jean Bakula, and then I will provide a written report of my findings. Please open a Paypal account yourself, it’s very easy and safe, accepted everywhere. I do not take personal checks. I cannot begin working on your readings until I am sure that I will be paid. But if I don’t feel right about the first reading, I do more readings until I am sure about what I’m telling you. My clairsentient abilities play a big part there. I won’t charge more if it’s my decision to dig in and do a little more work. And it usually is, so expect 3-5 readings.

I came of age in the 1970s during the height of the Feminist movement, and love to read with a woman centered deck called the Motherpeace deck. The layouts are a bit more complicated, but I offer Motherpeace readings for $45.00.

 Tarot readings give more specific information, such as if you want to know if a relationship with that certain someone is going anywhere. Or it can give you detailed information about anything going on in your life. Astrology is more complex, and your horoscope is more about characteristics and tendencies you will have all your life, though since planets are always moving, that complicates things. It is not always the best way to decide if a relationship has what it takes to get off the ground, unless you have spent a reasonable length of time and established a strong bond with the other person. A horoscope, or 2 of them, are not appropriate for someone you have only gone out with 2 or 3 times. Wait and see if you are even still together in a few months before you take this step.

Astrology Reading

astrological readingI offer a variety of Astrology horoscopes, based on my 40+ years of expertise in the subject, and the interpretation will not be a computerized one. I have tried Astrology programs in the past, and find the interpretations unsatisfactory, incomplete or contradictory. The interpretation you receive will be MY personal one, based on my years of experience in the field. The fee for a Natal (Birth) Horoscope is $100.00, and it will be a thorough one, all about you, not Astrology filler you will not understand. I know that may sound expensive, but the one I just finished was thirteen pages long, and all about the person, plus I drew out the chart myself, it didn’t come from a site. I discuss all the meanings of the planets in the houses, something computerized charts don’t do. So I spend at least 10-12 hours on you, and you can come back and ask questions.

You may email me with your birth information at (or use the Contact Form below), and we can discuss the type of chart which is suitable for your needs then. Without a birth time, we can still do a Solar Chart, not as informative, but better than nothing.

 If you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time, a good option is the composite chart.. To do it, I take your birth information, and the other person’s, and it creates a chart that is a 3rd entity, your relationship. It’s fun and very accurate. I recently found one I had done when my husband and I were new Astrology students, and was stunned and surprised at how accurate it was. Since I have to use birth info from both of you to do this, I charge $150.00.

I am happy to work on horoscopes to see if you are compatible with another person, but as I have specified, do not like to resort to this option unless you have been seeing this person for a reasonable length of time. I need your TIME of BIRTH in order to give you an Ascendant or Rising sign, this also affects all 12 houses of the chart, so is vitally important. I also need to know the DAY, MONTH, and YEAR OF YOUR BIRTH, and what CITY and STATE or COUNTRY you were born in. If it was a small town, please provide me with the name of the LARGEST NEARBY CITY. So once you deposit your $100.00 in my Paypal account and email me at moongene @ or contact me with the contact form, we can get started! Once you receive my written report, you will want to “discuss” the findings with me, and that is included in the price. We will either correspond via email, or once I finish the reading, we can discuss it over the phone.

10 comments on “Readings

  1. Am wanting to know information regarding relationships, family, professional career and artistic ambitions. I am depositing $35 through paypal now.


  2. Jean I applaud you for all of the hard work you have done to share the Divine Motherpeace Tarot with the world. I adore your site and use it occasionally when I am traveling and have not taken my handbook along. I am requesting a reading and will send you my questions/concerns via email to the address above. I will also use my Paypal account to make a payment to you.
    Gratefully Maria @


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Maria! I originally wrote that Motherpeace series for a group site, At the time, many told me the piece would bomb, because it was so long. But for 5 years now it’s been my highest rated series! Now is branching off into niche sites, and the money got better, so I am making money on articles I wrote years ago. It appears many people didn’t know about Motherpeace Tarot. Although Astrology was my first love, I began getting interested in the Tarot about 15 yrs. ago. I would be happy to read for you. I begin with the Celtic Cross, but since I’ve been reading online, love having the time to do a few more little readings to get more clarification for my clients. I also read out of a business, but don’t like having to use a timer and be rushed. I began this blog mostly to be a landing site for people who want readings, since my work has been picking up by word of mouth. I love to write, but have been contributing to other blogs instead of working on this one. I am not that tech savvy! Take care. Jean


  3. Jean please see my email sent to you today. Need the link once again to send you payment. I am requested a reading that is time sensitive as I must reserve my space. There are other conditions that need taken care of asap as well.
    Gratefully,…………Maria Francesca


  4. Maria, it’s 5PM EST and I have your answers. Read your email. Good luck and I feel good about the readings. Merry Christmas and bright blessings in the New Year! Slow down, whirling dervish!


  5. Hey Jean, I wrote to you on, I wanted to say thank you for your feedback and let you know that I am browsing your site also.

    Thanks again, Ashlynn


  6. Hello Ms. Motherpeace Guru. It is Maria Francesca here. I need a reading. Will email you my questions and send payment via Paypal. I trust you are well. We have not communicated in a while. Sending Angel Blessings. Maria Francesca


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